Step 1: Prep!





DO NOT miss this step as prepping your nails correctly is essential to allowing your press on's to stay on as long as possible!

  • Remove any old polish off your nails.
  • Gently push back your cuticles.
  • File your nail, making sure they are all the same length, then buff the top to remove shine.
  • Rub each nail with an alcohol wipe or acetone, then let dry.
  • Select the size of your press on nail.
Step 2: Choose Adhesive
  • Select the size of your sticky tab or apply glue.
  • If using glue, place nail glue on natural nail and the press on nail.

Step 3: Press!

  • Apply nails at a 45 degree angle and press down firmly for 15-20 seconds, ensuring you remove all air bubbles upon application.
  • Repeat steps for each nail.


• To extend the wear of your press on's, avoid water contact 3 hours after application 

• Do not touch your nails with your fingertips AFTER you've wiped them with the alcohol pad, as that will add back the oils on your nails that you removed with the alcohol wipe.

• Make sure to choose the right SIZE for your nails that aren't too large, or too small, as this might cause the nails to pop off pre-maturely! Having press on's either too small or large for you means that water can get under your press on's, and interact with the glue underneath which might cause discolouration or pre-mature lifting.

Video Tutorials:

How to apply press on's with Glue

How to apply press on's with Sticky Tab Adhesive 



You can easily remove your press on's with NO damage by soaking them in warm water, soap and oil (any kind such as cuticle oil, kitchen oil or body oil) for 10-15 minutes!

** Note: Some nails may take longer than others to come off depending on how much glue you used, and how long it's been since you've applied your press on's.

Video Tutorial: 

How to remove press on's