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Enamour Pressed Nails

Extra Short-Wear Tabs (Pack)

Extra Short-Wear Tabs (Pack)

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Change up your nails anytime you want with our short-wear tabs. These instant nail adhesives are perfect for those who want nails for one-night events, the weekends, or any occasion that pops up.

Each box includes 3 sheet sets of 12 inclusively sized individual adhesive tabs.

Key Features

  • Perfect for short term wear
  • Quick application
  • Easily removable
  • Strong nails after removal

 *Nail tabs only. Full nail kit not included.

What's Included

Instructions for Application and Removal

Nail Glue

Nail Tabs

Nail File

Nail Buffer

Manicure Stick

Alcohol Prep Pad

*Free Gift

Shipping & Returns

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1. Wash your hands, prep fingernails and cuticles

2. Lightly file the top of your nails

3. Wipe nails with the alcohol wipe

4. Size up your nails and line up nails accordingly

5. Place glue evenly across your nail

6. Firmly press on your nail and hold for 10-15 seconds

7. Keep your hands dry for an hour after application

Once set nail can be filed and shaped as desired  🤍

Sizing and Shapes

Option 1

You can use the "Dime Method" to size your nails and send the images when you order. Find more information here

Option 2

You can use a soft measuring tape to size your nails and send the mm measurements in order notes. Be sure to follow the curvature of your natural nail. Find more information here

Shapes and Lengths

You can find tip shape options here

Care Instructions

Your nails are a luxury and not tools! With proper care you can reuse your nails up to 5 times! When removed ensure to store the nails well to prevent any damage.

Need help?

Be sure to check out our FAQ's or drop us an email at We'll get back to you asap.

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